Glass Bottle Bartering Activity (The Avenue)

To increase the public awareness in clean glass bottle recycling, The Avenue, the supporting unit of the Green Charity Campaign – “ Glass Bottle Recycling x Donation”, joined hands with Baguio to organize the glass bottle recycling bartering activity on 24 August, 2019*. Donation will be made to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals based on the weight of the glass bottle collected in the activity.
*The redemption was open for The Avenue’s residents only.

Glass Bottle Bartering Activity (Belvedere Garden)

To increase the public awareness of clean recycling glass bottle, a glass bottle bartering activity was held by Baguio and Tsuen Wan District Councilor on 12, 17 & 27 July, 2019 at Belvedere Square of Belvedere Garden. Participants got a limited edition of Big Waster souvenir and a free Fairwood’s hot milk tea/coffee coupon as a reward by recycling clean glass bottles.