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In 2018, Hong Kong disposed of 77,380 metric tons of glass bottles in landfills, equivalent to 212 tons per day, according to Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong 2018, a report prepared by the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong SAR (“EPD”).

If the above is based on 330 ml beer bottles, approximately 642,424 glass bottles are buried in landfills every day. Glass is an inert material that does not decompose naturally. Disposed glass bottles take up substantial landfill space that is shrinking noticeably. Casually dumping glass bottles is a waste of resources. To reduce waste, Baguio Waste Management & Recycling Ltd. (“Baguio”) has been appointed by the EPD as the glass management contractor for Hong Kong Island (including Islands District) and the New Territories. Baguio is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the recycling of rinsed glass beverage containers. The company collects and recycles glass bottles from the public and businesses.

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