Glass Bottle Recycling x Donation 2019

Baguio’s green campaign – “Glass Bottle Recycling x Donation” to encourage and promote glass bottle recycling among the public concluded successfully on 30th Nov 2019. HK$45,575 donation has made through collecting more than 460 thousand glass bottles (around 151 tonnes) from 199 supporting units. The donation has donated to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in support of the development of its various services.

Glass Bottle Bartering Activity (The Avenue)

To increase the public awareness in clean glass bottle recycling, The Avenue, the supporting unit of the Green Charity Campaign – “ Glass Bottle Recycling x Donation”, joined hands with Baguio to organize the glass bottle recycling bartering activity on 24 August, 2019*. Donation will be made to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals based on the weight of the glass bottle collected in the activity.
*The redemption was open for The Avenue’s residents only.