Activities Highlights

The Hong Kong Green Day 2018 Kick-Off Ceremony was successfully held on 5 Jun 2018 at Maritime Square. Personages who attended the ceremony included the Chairman of Green Council and Founder of Centaline Group Mr. SHIN Wing-ching, HK Green Day Ambassador Ms. Charmaine Sheh Sze-man and Big Waster.

Echoing one of the most valuable annual green event – Hong Kong Green Day, Baguio tailor-made 40 flowerpots by upcycling the glass bottle as a souvenir to the guests and sponsors. We hope that the glass bottle flowerpot can arouse the society that the green behavior is simple and easy to be started in our daily life.

The Green Council proudly organized the Hong Kong Green Day in response to the World Environment Day (5 June) initiated by the United Nations. Though the series of Hong Kong Green Day’s activities, it encouraged corporations and the general public to consider and take actions to make Hong Kong “greener”.

Baguio will organize more varied glass bottle recycling activities at different locations. To know more about our coming activities, please stay tuned to our “I Recycle Glass Bottle” website and follow our Facebook page.