Glass Bottle Recycling Service

Service Introduction

Citing statistics from the Hong Kong SAR Environmental Protection Department (“EPD”)’s report Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong 2020, glass bottles disposed of in landfills in 2020 amounted to 56,940 tons, in other words, 156 tons of glass bottles was dumped in landfills every day.

If the above is based on 330 ml beer bottles, approximately 472,727 glass bottles are buried in landfills every day. Glass is an inert material that does not decompose naturally. Disposed glass bottles take up substantial landfill space that is shrinking noticeably. Casually dumping glass bottles is a waste of resources. To reduce waste, Baguio Waste Management & Recycling Ltd. (“Baguio”) has been appointed by the EPD as the glass management contractor for Hong Kong Island (including Islands District) and the New Territories. Baguio is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the recycling of rinsed glass beverage containers. The company collects and recycles glass bottles from the public and businesses.


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Disposal in landfills (Ton)
Daily (Ton)
Number of glass bottles buried in landfills per day

Service Details

Serviced districts
  • Hong Kong Island (including Islands District):
    Central and Western District, Eastern District, Southern District, Wan Chai District and Islands District
  • New Territories:
    Kwai Tsing District, North District, Sai Kung District, Sha Tin District, Tai Po District, Tsuen Wan District, Tuen Mun District and Yuen Long District
Service targets
  • Public areas
  • Government facilities and premises
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Industrial and commercial premises
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential estates and buildings
  • Schools
Service scope
  • Advise on glass recycling arrangement to suit the need of participants
  • Establish a collection network
  • Provide recycling bins for collection of glass containers
  • Provide regular collection services supplemented with ad hoc collection on request
  • Provide support for glass container recycling for large and major events
  • Operate the Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Plant and provide proper treatment services for glass containers
  • Arrange for proper glass containers recycling
  • Operate Public Participation Scheme to educate public and promote glass container recycling

Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Plant

Baguio’s 32,000 sq ft Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Plant in Lung Kwu Tan, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong is configured with advanced glass recycling technology. At the plant, glass bottles collected from the community go through the processes of sorting, non-glass material removal, crushing and grinding. The resultant glass granules are conveyed for further recycling treatments. Concurrently, to deepen the public’s understanding of glass bottle recycling, Baguio’s Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Plant offers guided tours to organizations and institutions, during which participants visit the plant to see for themselves how Baguio’s glass bottle recycling facility operates; in addition, they will be provided with the latest information on glass bottle recycling. Participants of the guided tours will take away with them enhanced knowledge of glass bottle recycling.
Please click here for enquiry and booking of Baguio’s Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Plant tour.
  • Waste glass bottle storage: 1,500 tons
  • Glass granule storage: 1,500 tons
  • Maximum crushing: 100 tons/day
Glass bottle crushing technology
  • The plant employs the patented Australian glass bottle crushing system Implosion System, whose crushing technology Krysteline has patent registration in the U.K. The Implosion System generates a shock wave that will fragment glass bottles to pieces of required sizes.
  • Eco-friendly feature: Noise reduction
    Compared with glass crushers that rely on mechanical fracturing, the Implosion System results in much less noise, reducing noise nuisance to the environment.
Collection bin washing zone
  • To ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of glass bottle collection bins, the plant has a collection bin washing zone where up to 100 glass bottle collection bins can be cleansed per hour.
  • Eco-friendly features – waste water reduction and water saving:
    The plant is specially installed with the 3D bio-filtration for grey water treatment system, through which 90% of the waste water from collection bin washing can be treated and will become reusable. The system can process up to 1,200 L waste water daily, resulting in less waste water produced and water saving benefits.
Monitoring system
  • The plant is configured with a 24/7 monitoring system connected to a security monitoring center for enhanced safe operation standards and to maintain stringent security on the premises at all times.
Education Center
  • The plant offers guided tours for organizations and institutions to provide the public with knowledge of glass bottle recycling and treatment.
  • Maximum people per tour: 30
  • Coverage:
    – Glass bottle collection and recycling seminar
    – Visit to glass bottle treatment operations