Glass Bottle Recycling x Donation 2019

Baguio launched a green campaign called “Glass Bottle Recycling x Donation” to encourage and promote glass bottle recycling among the public from 1st Jun to 30th Nov 2019. Baguio will give back to the society by making the donation to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals through the glass bottle recycling in the property of supporting unit#.


To encourage the participation and clean glass bottle recycling, the donation will be made on behave of the participating parties. The citizen also entitled a gift by the means of bartering action when recycling their glass bottle to the supporting unit.

# Donation of $300 for every ton of collected glass bottle will be made to TWGHs by BAGUIO in support of the development of its various services. *Please contact the participating party (supporting unit) for the details of bartering activity.   Baguio will organize more varied glass bottle recycling activities at different locations. To know more about our coming activities, please stay tuned to our “I Recycle Glass Bottle” website and follow our Facebook page.


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