The launch ceremony of the“New Chapter for Glass Bottle Recycling”

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) held a launch ceremony on 10th January ,2019 for the New Chapter for Glass Bottle Recycling, rolling out the “Glass Container Recycling Charter”and a series of promotional and publicity activities to further raise public awareness on glass bottle recycling.

The Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam Sing, declared that the recycling programme has entered a new era in Hong Kong and the monthly amount of glass containers collection has been increased continually over the past few months. The collection amount in the latest month has more than doubled the monthly average in 2017. There has also been a significant growth in the total number of collection points set up across the territory. The number of collection points serving catering premises has tripled while the number serving the residential sector has increased to over 1,500 locations. During the ceremony, Ms. Ng Yuk-kwan, the CEO of Baguio Green Group shared the challanging in executiing the glass bottle recycling service and encouraged people to make a habit in clean glass bottle recycling.


Baguio will organize more varied glass bottle recycling activities at different locations. To know more about our coming activities, please stay tuned to our “I Recycle Glass Bottle” website and follow our Facebook page.