"Tuen Mun Community Green Station" Officially Opens

Tuen Mun Community Green Station, the new member of Community Green Stations, was officially opened on November 13th, 2018. The Tuen Mun Community Green Station is responsible for educating people about clean recycling and waste reduction at source by various types of community activities and sharing of resources. Baguio is responsible to recycle the glass bottles which are collected by The Tuen Mun Community Green Station within housing estates in Tuen Mun. To increase public understanding of the glass bottle recycling service, Baguio was invited to share the glass bottle recycling process during the grand open day.

Baguio will organize more varied glass bottle recycling activities at different locations. To know more about our coming activities, please stay tuned to our “I Recycle Glass Bottle” website and follow our Facebook page.